Welcome to Homer Vs Peter, a site dedicated to the ultimate cartoon show down between animation's funniest family members!

In 2006 I created an image that quickly spread across the internet, gathered tens of thousands of pageviews on my site alone, and started appearing on most blogs, forums and websites. That image was Homer Vs Peter - the dream fight.

After the image appearing all over the internet, opportunists stealing my work to sell themselves and being printed in magazines, I decided to update the picture as I had developed as an artist and thought I could do it better. And to make sure no-one ever stole my image again, these versions were not posted online for others to use, and they were done in football kits to alienate others from simply cashing in on the idea.

So this is what you now see before you. What started off as a simple drawing grew into an internet sensation. Now a growing project of a fantasy fight series that I hope to keep developing through the years. I hope you enjoy it and follow the journey with me.